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March 18
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Fantasy 579 Cessna 337 Kent by WS-Clave Fantasy 579 Cessna 337 Kent by WS-Clave
Fantasy & Fiction Series

By request or design, the 'what if' can be realised here....

Part 579: Cessna 337 Skymaster of the County of Kent Air Force.
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Rogbodge Featured By Owner May 17, 2014
Love the white horse on the Insignia!
truemouse Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
"Between our nations" Sorry, I type fast when I'm passionate about the future.
truemouse Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
"After Scotland left, so did Northern Ireland (only to be re-united with the Republic of Ireland) and Wales. England was left to declare independence themselves from Westminster. First the City of London within the city called London, then the counties all went their separate ways. Governments formed all over the country where leaders reflected the true opinion of the people. Local Defence Volunteer force took on a new meaning. No longer some Dad's Army joke, the former Great Britain had a more fierce collective fighting force than ever before. While Scotland had the largest overall Army, Air Force and Navy the joint forces of the English Counties numbered more than twice that of Scotland."

"It was the threat of 85 armies, 85 air forces, 85 navies pointing all their guns at whoever would even think of attacking was enough to make even the largest of super powers think again. When Al Qaeda tried to terrorise Albion in 2046, we taught them the true meaning of terror. When the New Soviet State of Russia attacked in 2075 they were decimated. As Vladimir Putin III poured more troops into Albion, we sent back as many filled body bags."

Just a thought.
WS-Clave Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
Woah! More than one thought I would say lol... :D
truemouse Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2014
You should do a folder with the Scottish Air Arm, Welsh Air Force and the Air Forces of all the Counties in it and label it "Post Devolution", "Total Devolution" or similar. If there's a Yes vote in November we're going to have a very exciting future, especially if there's a knock on effect and the City of London declare independence too.

If Cameron stopped throwing his toys out of his parliamentary pram during his scaremongering tantrums, England could do rather better out of the deal and trade between out nations would flourish.
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