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Vulcan B2 Skybolt by WS-Clave Vulcan B2 Skybolt by WS-Clave
The Avro Vulcan entered service with the RAF in 1956 as part of the 'V-force' of Cold-War nuclear deterrent bombers which included the Valiant and Victor.

The earliest load for the Vulcan was the 10-kiloton Blue Danube nuclear gravity bomb, which was quickly replaced by the Violet Club and Yellow Sun Mk 1 and 2 all of which were 400-kiloton weapons.

The Red Beard 25-Kiloton tactical bomb was also employed, but the largest and most specialised load was the Blue Steel stand-off missile which was fitted into modified Vulcans and had a range of 150 miles and a 1.1 megaton warhead.

As the deterrent force was handed to the Navy, the Vulcans were adapted to conventional bombing roles and the standard load was 21 x 1,000lb standard gravity bombs. The only combat missions flown were in 1982 very near the end of the Vulcan's life, during the Falklands/Malvinas war.

This example is a B.2 during the 1962 Skybolt missile test program. 2 x dummy AGM-48 Skybolts were dropped from underwing pylons. Skybolt was cancelled at the end of 1962.
TeeCee451 Featured By Owner Jul 11, 2012
I have been seeing your aircraft profiles posted in Second Life for some time now. Now I finally have an idea where these finely done images are coming from.
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